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Hello. My name is Gage, and I am a writer/director in games. I've won a little over 200 awards creating video game trailers, video game cinematics, TV commercials, narrative films, and more for brands like Larian Studios, Nintendo, Unity, Paradox Interactive, etc... My films have also made history for being the first machinima's ever to receive awards at the One Reeler and Global Shorts award shows. One of them is also being shown in a museum. In 2021 I was featured by Forbes in their 30 under 30 list.

I am a Creative Director, Video Producer, Film Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, Gameplay Capture Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, VFX Artist, and Animator. I am currently the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director at Player One Studios, alongside both internal branches Player One Trailers and Player One Stories.

Starting young, I began telling stories for the first time in live-action and machinima form. Combining my passions for film and games by teaching myself the skills necessary to tell the stories I wanted to tell.

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""Gage from Player One has been integral to our continued development of the Stellaris franchise with a steady stream of developing and implementing new ideas for our release trailers for both Synthetic Dawn, Apocalypse, Humanoids and Distant Stars. On top of that, they managed to capture impressive gameplay from the expansions in ways that makes the product really appealing to our customers. Combined with being very receptive to feedback, writing up good scripts, editing, and more, we've now got several successful and exciting release trailers for the Stellaris-franchise. Thumbs up from us!

Paradox Interactive.

Thanks to this, I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with some amazingly talented artists in Hollywood, written scripts for films and video games, directed original short films, worked with AAA/indie game developers and publishers around the world in creating video game trailers in both live-action and in-game form.


"Gage Allen is a rare type of creative director, director and casting director who embraces the creative process and truly loves what he does. His extensive background in writing for games and producing, editing, cinematography, fx etc. really helps him guide the actor to create amazing work as a team and put out the best product for his client....

I highly recommend Gage Allen for any job."


Ellen Dubin

Actor/Voice Over Actor

Fallout 4 , Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft,

Defense Grid 2, Guild Wars 2, Skyforge.

I've been making things for over a decade now, and run a company with some of the most talented people I've ever met. I love being able to jump from game to game, and also have the freedom to tell my own stories from time to time. 


We’ve been working with Gage from Player One Trailers for several years with a lot of pleasure. Besides being an inspiring and friendly person, we realized a long time ago that Gage is able to capture our games in an awe-inspiring way. They have this artistic approach that’s crucial for your trailer to get noticed and the flexibility that’s required when working with several stakeholders. When taking on a project, he effectively becomes an extension of the team, no matter the time zone. Working with Gage continues to be a great experience, and he remains our first choice whenever we need high-quality video assets produced.


Iceberg Interactive

Conarium, The Sojourn, 

During my time in games, I've had to learn the technical aspects of jumping into almost every engine imaginable, open source and proprietary, and learning to capture gameplay in real-time by hand. I've jumped into deep proprietary toolsets, assimilated into team dynamics, and worked to create an efficient content production house.


We initially felt reluctant about having someone external taking care of such an important thing such as our game's trailer. After all, who could convey the game's nature better than ourselves? Turns out, Gage could. He quickly understood our vision, greatly improved and polished it, and delivered an awesome launch trailer that not only perfectly reflected the game, but also excelled visually and technically."


Pixel Night

Empathy: Path of Whispers

What makes it all worth it? The incredible opportunity to create realities and stories that captivate another person.

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