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Launch Trailer

Director, Video Editor, Gameplay Capture Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Sound Designer.

It was a blast to get the chance to create a trailer for Pistol Whip, one of the highest rated VR games on the Oculus platform. I was asked to create something awesome for their latest campaign release, 2089.


I created the piece from concept to completion with my team over at Player One, focusing on the directing, editing, sound design, gameplay capture, motion graphics, and more! The studio wanted two trailers in one, with the opening section focusing on the accolades the base game had received, with the rest being a standalone trailer for their latest campaign, 2089. This is why we see that static transition in between as if the 2089 trailer is a signal intercepting the original trailer.

After release, this trailer won several awards at the Vega award show for excellency in directing, video editing, capture, overall trailer, and more.

Vega Awards:

Canopus Award (Highest Honor) - Overall Game Trailer

Centauri Award - Best Directing

Centauri Award - Marketing

Centauri Award - Best Motion Graphics

Centauri Award - Cinematography

Arcturus Award - Best Editing

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